Monday, October 25, 2010

Do I have a drinking problem?

I went to see my doctor tonight (her name is "Princess" - how awesome is that?) for a long overdue routine check-up. Part of a check-up is the Q&A so she can understand my habits as they relate to my health:
- Do you smoke ? (no)
- Do you do have allergies ? (yes. Morphine and sulfa)
- Do you drink ? (WELL....)

So I shared that I drink usually only on weekends (and Wed/Thurs last week) and I might have a few if I go out with my friends.

She was pretty laid back about it and just said "well Sarah, for your optimal health you should really just limit it to one..." I interrupted her (just picture me nodding my head in a resigned sort of way) and said "...per hour. Yes I know. I usually do."

And she laughed and said "No. Per night. One per night."

One per night? Was she kidding me? What kind of Princess Doctor was she?!?!

So. Well then. Perhaps some of us need to start re-evaluating her drinking habits.

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Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahaha! I don't normally laugh out loud at stuff I read, but this was HILARIOUS to me! - Abbie