Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Business of Volunteering

Every couple of years I try to do a volunteer stint in another country so that I can a) ease my conscious about how incredibly selfish and lazy I am the other 51 weeks of the year and
b) see a new part of the world while doing it! (and hence being selfish in my efforts to be not selfish.. but I am selfish... ah- nevermind!)

Anyhow- doing it again this year and I'm going to CHINA with Habitat for Humanity. I put that in all caps because those that know me know that it's not somewhere I'd normally go. I've never expressed an interest in going to China before. But people change. Times change. And the Nepal trip was full.

It's my first year not going home for Christmas, which is sad. But it's going to be an amazing experience, which is exciting.

The reason I'm posting about it is because there is an opportunity for you, my family and friends, to support me in this. Not just emotionally but with $$. Honestly though I'm thinking of those that I normally exchange Christmas prezzies with- maybe this is something you could do instead? I would really appreciate it because even though I'm working I still have to pay for the privilege.

It's easy to donate and any amount helps.


And then you TOO can feel warm fuzzies about yourself, for doing something selfless this season. This season of giving.

Have I laid it on thick enough yet?

Regardless of contributing or not, expect to be subjected to the pictures and stories in the new year !!

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