Sunday, January 03, 2010

Movie Reviews

I've been to a few movies this holiday season. And have some thoughts about movies I haven't seen. Here they are:

- go and see it in 3D. As a 2D movie it's visually stunning but not blow your mind unbelievable. And the storyline is just so-so.

The Blindside - Sandra Bullock steps into the skin of a southern woman and she's fantastic. You even manage to forget it's Sandra Bullock. The story is heart warming and thoughtful and well told.

Sherlock Holmes - Guy Ritchie is a very, very good storyteller. The movie is visually rich and interesting. The acting interaction is fun to watch. The mystery is mildly captivating. But I forgot about the movie 5 minutes after walking out of the theatre.

Up in the Air - review to come

New Moon - soooo bad. But Team Jacob all the way.

Nine - Heard it's really good and want to see it. I loved "Chicago" which bodes well.

Invictus - I really wanted to see it. But I heard so many bad reviews that I ended up not going. I was disappointed at the thought of it being bad and didn't want those fears to become realized.

It's Complicated - Does anyone else feel like they saw the entire movie in the trailers?

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