Thursday, January 14, 2010

Invictus vs garbage not worth seeing

I have a question for the world (or "People of Earth" as Conan would say).

WHY in the world would a movie like "The Ugly Truth" starring a no talent hack like Katherine Heigel, make $89 million in it's domestic gross, while a movie like "Invictus" - starring Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon in brilliant performances, made only $34 million?

I went to see it last night with a friend (She's the BEST person to go to movies with because she just gets into it and you enjoy the movie that much more), with relatively low expectations as I'd heard not such great things. However I was, while not blown away, thoroughly moved. I would even hazard to say that I loved it. I'd even recommend it.

But what does that say about our society that a movie telling a touching story of a country coming together before the world- triumphing over the WORST adversity - does so badly, while a movie about a stupid girl acting stupidly makes almost $100 million.

It's shameful.

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