Sunday, January 03, 2010

Resolutions Schmesolutions. Let's talk goals.

I've never been much of a resolutions person, which is a complete and total lie as I like to make resolutions, and break resolutions, all the time. Not just for the new year, but on my birthday, on anniversaries, on random Tuesdays. I like to write lists in my journal and forget about them five minutes later only to make the same resolutions a month later in some new format.

This year I thought I'd cleverly disguise my resolutions as 'goals' and that I'd publish them in order to create some semblance of accountability. The three people that read my blog can keep me honest and ask me how I'm doing on accomplishing my goals. I'm going to categorize them in terms of professional, personal, and financial.
Here we go.

--> I would like to make peace with Mrs. P. For some reason she doesn't love me and I need to sort that out.
--> Take a digital course & ramp up those skills
--> Establish a track record of pre-8:30am start time at least 3x a week

--> Save 15% of my net pay in a savings account
--> Save 10% of my net pay in long term investment
--> Be eligible for a credit card in this freaking country

--> Go on one date a month (how this gets set up I HAVE NO IDEA- WOULD LOVE SOME IDEAS PLEASE!!) And yes I do realize that this might seem pathetically small to some, it's still a giant leap from where I am currently
--> Do I dare say lose that last 10lbs?
--> Run a half marathon sometime in the year
--> Make PHONE CALLS and stop relying so much on text/email

Alright 2010. I'm ready for you. Let's play ball.

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