Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend Update

I had a busy fun filled and packed long weekend. Friday was my friend John's birthday, Saturday was a productive trip to Target followed by Korean food in New Jersey. Sunday found me at a brunch, a dinner and the movie "It's Complicated" (good) and then the Golden Globes at a friend's.

Today I watched Avatar in 3D IMAX. I'd seen it with Stefan in Winnipeg in 2D and I have to say having seen both- I don't know why they even produced it in 2D (I mean I know logically why) but the movie jumps from a 7/10 in 2D to an amazing spectacular 15/10 in 3D. It's awesome.

Then I went for a run out in Central Park - thought I ran a 5 min kilometer for 5K until I went to '" - my newest favourite site. It dispelled my notions that I suddenly was back up to my peak running speed by letting me know I'd only run 4.5km. Still- a 5.5min/km is not bad.

Back to work tomorrow.

This is Rose on the rooftop- it was pitch black out (2am) but for some reason the sky looked dawn-y. I got this new camera for Christmas (thanks Mom and Cliff!) but it's a new version of my old camera... and I have no idea how to use it!

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