Monday, September 01, 2008

The greatest thing in my life

Have I posted about my iphone yet???

Ok the greatest thing in my life are my friends and family.... obvio... BUT I do LOVE my iphone!!! I use it everyday for a thousand different functions beyond the phone. Saturday I was in the chair at the hairdressers and loving a song that was playing (loudly) in the salon. What song was it? I didn't know. Well... let me just get my iphone and it will tell me. One little button, it listens for 20 seconds- boom - tells me the song, the artist and provides me a link to youtube or itunes to see or buy (hah!) the song.
Friday I was biking in a newer part of town (Leslieville). I wanted to stop by a Starbucks but given this isn't Vancouver and there isn't one on every single solitary corner (yet) I didn't know where one was. What's that? I can just use my iphone's GPS technology to find a bucks?! and it's just down the street?! how fab!
Last night I went for dinner with two good friends of mine- the bill came- how much should we tip? What do I owe? type of conversations ensued - until I pulled out the iphone and used the function to figure all that out of us.
Ok- so you get it. It's actually a bit brutal because I am now letting my iphone do all of my thinking for me... In 5 short weeks I have become utterly dependent on it and a slave to it's gentle "ding" when I have a message or email or update or ... maybe I need to put it away for a little bit.
Maybe I need to find something else to love...

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