Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hello good-bye.

I said my first Toronto good-bye today... to my dear friend RV. She has been (and will continue to be- just a few hours away by boat as she mentioned to me today) a steadfast and true friend- completely solid and uncomplicated, fun and funny and wonderful. Sharing my love for nutella (what our friendship was founded on), teaching me about art (I didn't think Winnipeg had any attractive qualities until she drew my attention to the beauty in it's starkness), providing an ear for all my crazy uber over- thinking rants, and always having the right mix of mulled wine, baileys & hot chocolate, or various ports in her home (hmm... I sense a pattern here).

She's heading out on a cross country journey tomorrow- driving to Tofino and back capturing the countryside on film. It's just her and her puppy/bear. She's going to be staying with various friends/family of friends across Canada. (It's amazing how many cities we can cover through 2 degrees of separation.) Many people have been incredibly kind and gracious to welcome this perfect stranger (and her dog) into their homes. This just reinforces that the people I'm lucky enough to have in my life are equally awesome for opening their doors to her.
I will miss my friend- but having been through this before- and having been able to retain my friendships through visits, phone calls, emails (and yes facebook)- I know that this is not good-bye... but see you soon. xo

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