Monday, September 08, 2008

Slumdog Millionaire

This is the title of Danny Boyle's newest film. I saw it last night at the Toronto Film Fest. It was AWESOME! It comes out Nov 28, 2008 and I recommend everyone to go and see it.

It's about a kid (Jamal) from the slums of Mumbai going on the game show "Who wants to be a millionaire?" The game show becomes the device through which we learn Jamal's life story. It's a love story set in the most heartbreak of backdrops- yet there is still hope. If you've ever been to India you will be aware of the poverty and utter despair that exists there, and yet this shows a second side to that story- one of the happiness and a triumph of spirit. Ok- it sounds cheesy as I write - but trust me when I say it's not.

I mean it's Danny Boyle. The movie is worth it for the soundtrack alone.

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