Saturday, September 20, 2008

I need your help!- actually I don't.

UPDATE: Ok- nevermind. My friends have all told me that these couches are marking me as the country bumpkin I am. I need to find someone more sleek and from this century. So I will continue looking when I get to the city.


I'm thinking of buying a new sofa in new york. It's my first sofa purchase and I'm finding it a bit daunting. I know what I want style-wise but am stuck on fabric choice. It's a big purchase and a big commitment. I mean- I'm going to be staring at this sofa everyday for the next couple of years!!! The other question I have is... do I buy the matching chair and ottoman? Or should it be a different colour? It doesn't come in an accent colour- just solids... so I think it should be the same no? I REALLY like the matching chair because it's a chair 1/2 which is what I've been wanting.

And the sofa is a sleeper... perfect for all those wanting a place to stay in nyc!!!

Anyhow- I'm attaching the two choices ... one is a honey coloured (neutral) velvet and the other is a basil chenille...which I find to be warm and inviting fabric. If not the velvet (which I actually think might be a bit cheese, I could go with a micro-fibre...)


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