Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Babies Babies Babies

One of the best things about visiting home is that I get to reconnect with old friends. (Although this time I didn't get a chance to see everyone- the hazards of running in and out in two days!). I've very glad to have spent even a little bit of time with the friends I did see. Everyone is doing so great- with nearly finishing school (yay yay yay!), changing jobs (so happy about that one), raising their families- and going on blind dates (which I totally relate to!). sigh- I miss my friends.

Also very fun are the babies- who I got to see on Saturday night. (Sorry again Char for being late). The first picture is Brendan and Meghan- who are destined to be together. Brendan is older (by 5 weeks) but already you can see Meghan is pretty much running the show in their relationship. She's got to keep a tight rein on that boy. I can't wait til they start talking... what will they be like then?!

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The Hansens said...

Thanks for the pictures Sarah!!!! Those babies are cuuuute! It would have been nice to hang out with you all. Maybe sometime...

Jen =)