Monday, March 05, 2007

I'm too portly, poor and pale for this town. pt 1

I have to admit that I didn't know what to expect when I came to Miami- I never watched Miami Vice- and my exposure has been limited to pictures of Lindsay & Paris partying in South Beach. We are staying at the Shore Club, which is super pretentious and glitzy and flashy- kind of like the pictures of Lindsay & Paris partying in South Beach (it IS SB afterall). But great people watching. The first night we went walking along Lincoln Ave where they have great shopping and tons of restaurants. We went for Tapas- which should have been great, but unfortunately was mostly deep fried. Yesterday we did some work and then went to the beach to work some more. Then Wendy (my client) and Jane (my copywriter) went back to Lincoln to do some buying. We were pretty good until we got to Anthropologie and then we all went a little crazy- Jane and I bought some matching shoes. I love that store- but it's sooo expensive!

Last night went to the restaurant "Nobu"- very very good sushi. We saw Hulk Hogan. That's the sales guy Scott, from Radke, and my copywriter Jane, who are posing with him. I didn't want to get into the picture because he's so cheesy. I now think I should've embraced the cheesiness- he's likely to be only my brush with celebrity. Then we went to the Delano for drinks- it's exactly like the C Lounge in toronto- with cabanas and a pool in the middle of it. very beautiful setting but the people were ugly.

Today we went to the Everglades and I held an alligator. (first picture) Funny enough- this is the second time I've done that (the first time being on a tour I took in a bayou in New Orleans). This one was a little bit bigger and squishier. Yesterday we also went to the beach and did some 'work' on our chaise lounges. Sigh...its tough. : ). Will update more tomorrow.

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laura said...

you look like you had an amazing time!! Lucky you!!!:o)