Monday, March 19, 2007

The tax man cometh

Every year I hear all of these stories about people who get back huge sums of money in their tax return. "I get $2800". "I only got $3400 this year." (sob sob) "My girlfriend is getting back $8500." Well this year I OWE $275. WTF?! How is it that I NEVER get great tax returns, and end up OWING money?! Seriously?! What's the trick?! I give to RSPs (a decent amount, though I know I could give more), I claim my rent (which is huge and exhorbinant)... I have a professional doing my taxes (my uncle)... I just don't get it. Why does the government hate me? big sad sigh.

I'm adding a picture of Theo (my Goddaughter) and Kaleb, her brother, from Christmas. They have nothing to do with taxes but they are cute!!!

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