Saturday, March 10, 2007

Best Damn Burgers in Calgary

Last night I went to "Tommy Burger" for dinner with my parents. My brother Stefan is the GM there (that's him working behind the bar). They just opened the joint 4 weeks ago- to critical aclaim and wonder. John Gilchrist- noted food critic (is he just in Calgary or Canada?) said "it's about time". They were on a segment on the Breakfast Television show - Stefan was telling everyone about their Ceasar drink. You were great Stefan! Fun fact: The Caesar was created in Calgary. It's known as "Canada's cocktail". If Calgary is known for anything... ginger beef and clamato & vodka.

As expected the burgers were delish. Tommy Burger is located on Macleod Tr S- right next to Shanks. If you have a chance - go go go !! And I recommend : sharing the milkshake- it's huge, and getting the California burger- with sprouts and guac.

Also in my adventures in Calgary yesterday: I got my hair done (I still don't have a hairstylist in Toronto) and its way too dark underneath (a look that is "played out", as my youthful colleague would say) and a pedicure. While the dark hair is not so great (though I still rock it!!), the pedi was fab- it took two hours but I didn't even notice the time go by. And now I have a new friend on facebook!

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