Thursday, March 08, 2007

Serendipitous encounter

So I'm sitting in the Denver airport, doing some work, when a woman sits down next to me and starts to chat. She surmises that I'm Canadian because I'm reading (taking a mini break from email) and no American she knows outside of LA and NY would be interested in something so 'vulgar' or entertaining. This led to a discussion on the 'limits' of American thinking, the Dove campaign for real beauty- and our current "pro-age" campaign. I told her about a group in the US who is boycotting Dove products because they believe the pro-age campaign is inappropriate (it features naked older women in discreet tasteful poses). She turned out to be a journalist who LOVES the campaign, and was outraged that there would be any kind of negative response. Long story short, we exchanged cards, and there could be a good PR story there.
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