Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Tales of the yaya beachhood pt 3

I went for a walk along the beach this morning- the shore was littered with dead jellyfish- bloated out and blue. the sand was full of broken shells beneath my feet- so it hurt but it was a pleasant kind of pain. And the water was so blue blue blue. Two different shades. Light blue at the start, deepening to a dark blue further out. All of it crystal like- with the sun winking off the waves.
Another full day on set- we had to wait a few hours for the sun to set- it took so long. Funny enough- yesterday we were racing to finish a scene before we lost the sun. Today has been more relaxed- we jumped on the trampoline and I did a status update from a hammock. This has been a good week.

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The Hansens said...

Miami sounded like a productive and intersting trip, Sarah. It's so great that your job sends you to different places, if for nothing else than to see the places you usually only see pictures of. Not to mention the break from white-outs...

Jen =)