Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spring is sprung

I was finally in the city this weekend- although part of it was spent in Hamilton. I went to Hamilton Friday night to see my cousin Samantha play basketball (they WON both games!! woohoo!!!). It was great to see my uncle Ross and Sam again- I haven't seen them since Christmas. I can't believe how tall Sam is... I just wish I'd remembered to take my camera.

Then Saturday night I went to Kirsti's belated 30th birthday and finally saw Jen and her's apartment. I love it. I'm so sad i'm going to be moving away from it. The party was a 70s theme- which I forgot, but Jen lent me her pucci scarf for the soiree. I rocked it.

Then on Sunday, Robyn and I left the "city" and went to High Park. Seriously- Toronto is so huge, and i get caught up in my little quadrant... don't head north of Bloor, East of Parliament or West of Bathurst- and I'm missing out on an entire CITY! We went for a walk in High Park, then to Bloor West Village to walk around. We couldn't even SEE the city from where we were- imagine! It was great. wicked cold out- if it weren't so cold I would have insisted we go check out the animals- Robyn doesn't believe me when I tell her that there is a whole zoo in the park. At least I think there is...

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