Thursday, March 01, 2007

Christmas 2006- so late I know

Finally I'm also uploading pictures from Christmas 2006. This year was really great as BOTH of my brothers stayed at my parents house for the holiday- as well as Tanya (David's girlfriend) and Wilbur (the dog) - so it was a full house. We hadn't all been together like that for years! I was also home for a longer time and feel like I got to catch up with friends for more than just one quick visit. There are pictures of Theo & Kaleb, David & Tanya at the zoo on boxing day (I didnt' go shopping for a change!), Stefan, David & Tanya in our living room, my Grandma celebrating her 82 birthday, Meghan and her parents (sort of old friends!), me Abs & Lori, and finally me and Scott- who I hadn't seen in years.

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